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Monday, August 13, 2012

Krebssy - Wrapping up a great career!

What a year for Sports.
The Olympics in London 2012 have now wrapped up with some truly inspiring athletes and stories.
The dreaded Miami Heat won their NBA Championship.
The LA Kings won the Stanley Cup.
The Minnesota Wild signed two players to $98 million dollar contracts.
All the press in the world go to these athletes – Big Ticket Athletes, they might be great people, and they might not be….but they still get the attention.
I want to tell you a story of an athlete that does not garner the attention of the pro athletes. He falls into the category of millions of sports people around the world. An “unsung hero”.
Carl Krebss is a great guy, and a great athlete. Some of you may not know him, it is your loss.
Carl Krebss  (Krebssy) is a lacrosse goaltender. A “twiner” – chartered member of the “goaltenders union”
                      Carl Krebss - Ron Larose - Steve McMillan - Brad Sanderson                         
 (all charter members of the Goaltenders union) I have heard every one of them scream at a ref more than once......  "HE WAS IN THE CREASE"!  (union motto)

If my math is correct, Carl has been playing lacrosse since the 50’s…..for you young people…..that would be the 1950’s………….that is impressive.
Carl has been passionate and dedicated to the sport of Lacrosse all of his life. He has had a long and successful career at both the amateur and professional level.
Here is a quick look at his resume:
  •  Minor Lacrosse for the Clarkson Lorne Park Minor Lacrosse Association for 13 years (from the age of 5 to 18)
  •  Junior B Lacrosse for the Mississauga PCO organization from 1970-1972 Most Valuable Player
  •  Field Lacrosse for 3 seasons for the Mimico Mountaineers in the late 70's
  •  Professional Lacrosse for the National Lacrosse League champion Rochester Griffins in 1974
  •  Quebec Caribous (first part of season), National Lacrosse League Champions 1975
  •  Fergus Thistles Senior B, Ontario Lacrosse Association 1975-1978
  •  Brampton Excelsiors, Senior A and Senior B 1979- until the early 80,s
  • Mann Cup Champion in 1980
  •  Brampton Excelsiors Masters team, 1990-1995
  •  Ontario Provincial Champion, Brampton Excelsiors Senior B 1996
  •  Brampton Excelsiors Master Team Player 1997 - 2002/ Player/Coach 2003-2008, Provincial Champions 2005, 2006 and 2008
  •  Awarded Provincial Championship Medal 3 times from City of Brampton
  • Inducted in May 2009 to City of Mississauga Hall - Lifetime Achievement Award given by the one and only Hazel McCallion
  • MOB Lacrosse House League and Tournament Team 2010-2012.
  • Clax Masters Lacrosse in winter of 2011/12

I think it is so important to recognize the people that have made a difference.
This week Carl Krebss is playing in another Championship game. It is the MOB Lacrosse Championship game, featuring Gold Rush vs Carl’s Red Heat team, vying for the Campbell Cup.
Following that, he will play for our team in the Provincials, for the Oakville Senior Masters Lacrosse team and in Brampton Aug 24, 25 and 26.
After that Carl Krebss is calling it a career. He is retiring from playing lacrosse. That is not an easy decision for any of us.
I ask you players that see Carl in the next few weeks to give him a tap on the pads or a pat on the back and say “job well done”.
Carl looks forward to continuing to mentor young goalies making their way up the ladder……the cycle continues.
On a personal note, I think Carl is a character guy, and a good friend, who has an amazing understanding of the game. A tremendous lacrosse "brain". He knows all positions and knows what each guy should be doing.
When I am playing with Carl in a couple of weeks at provincials, I only hope when I have a chance near the net, that i can "cash" as Carl calls it. When guys that get around the net....they have to "cash"!
Good luck Carl. We will miss you on the floor.....but we know your skills will be passed on to many young up and coming goalies.
                                   Carl Krebss and his signature helmet. You will be missed.

For another great story about Carl written a year ago by my brother (and goalie) Tippy McMillan read on.

Thanks Carl.



  1. I have had the pleasure of knowing Carl since the late 60's down in good old meadowood box. We did play a bit of senior together over the years and had a few hoots in the Brampton Masters Lacrosse League.
    One story from that time optimizes Carl and his goaltending. One of the newbies to the game on our team asked me why we don't just dump the ball in and chase it. Well after a little chuckle I said to him. You see the guy down there with the pads on, well he is still likely one of the quickest guys on the floor even in that equipment and the ball will be back in our end in one of his players sticks before you can run 15 feet after your dump in.
    Krebssy, great guy, great team mate, great Goaltender, end of story.
    P.S. I don't know about you other guys but something tells me Carl will get the itch again and just won't be able to resist putting the pads back on, if he is breathing he'll be stopping a lacrosse ball.

  2. I have known Carl for many years.....I used to watch him play with the PCO's and have played with and against Carl on a number of occasions. Carl was a mobile goalie and quite a few goalies followed in his footsteps and tried to play like Carl. It was always an exciting game when goalies were part of the offence as well as stopping the ball.

    This past season, Carl helped me out with the Mississauga Tomahawks Peewee team. Carl coached our goalies and with his extensive knowledge and positive coaching style they improved dramatically, Thanks Carl!

    I'm looking forward to working with Carl in the future and helping minor lacrosse grow in Mississauga again.

    John S